STOBox Platform

All-in-one Security Token Platform for regulated issuers and KYC verified investors.

Platform provides security tokenization services for technological startups and enterprise.

Audit & Report
The first step is to understand how potential issuer is looking to leverage a Security Token and review current business model.
Legal framework & Incorporation
In order to comply with legal international STO requirements the issuer must correspond to a number of rules: legal and corporate.
Issuance and
Security Token Distribution
Security Tokens are released on STB-20 standard and distributed in accordance to smart contacts.
STOBox Platform listings
Once the ST are emissioned the STOBox Platform lists tokens on its internal OTC Platform for KYC/AML compliant investors.
Marketing & Fundraising
Legally compliant Security Tokens can be offered to accredited and non-accredited investors in US, Asia and European regions. Platform offers internal marketing and promotes issuers on its platform.
Administration & Support
Once the business is Tokenized it is essential to provide support and administration services. Support requires technical, legal and operational coverage.
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What is a Security Token?
Security tokens are financial securities, like shares or equity in traditional assets, startups, venture funds and even real estate that have built in protections, rights, and triggers using a smart contract.
Asset-Backed Security
Tokens represent real assets like equity or revenue distribution.
Compliant and Regulated
Security Tokens comply with securities law in order to be safe and trustworthy to investors.
Digitally smart
Security Tokens utilize customized smart contracts to build for investor protection.
Security Tokens can be traded on regulated exchanges to provide liquidity.
Digital Assets are changing the market
Security Token Offerings are revolutionizing security markets and mitigating most of the problems associated with conventional security trading. The blockchain technology promotes transparency as all trades and ownership records are stored on decentralized ledgers which cannot be tampered with. Security tokens make it possible to tokenize securities, so financial assets such as stocks, bonds, futures, equities, swaps, and forwards can all be managed via distributed ledgers.
STOBox Platform is optimized for:
From early stage Startups to International companies looking to leverage Security Tokens.
Individual and Corporate
Fund managers looking to create new VC, PE, and Real Estate funds or SPVs.
Real Estate and
Hard Assets
Real Estate developers, asset managers, and investors looking to tokenize assets.
Why Security Token Offering?
Security Token Offering is a new global long-term trend.
Shorter than the IPO cycle, more compliant than ICO, and able to attract large institutions and investors to enter.
Lowering the investment threshold, ordinary investors can also participate in investment.
Liquidity has increased compared with traditional private equity and securities, therefore global investors can invest in them.
Get access to global markets
Access multi-trillion dollar market through emission of your Digital Assets. Private Capital including US based qualified investors, enjoy large scale cost efficiency and lowering future liquidity premium.

We provide a complete solution by arranging equity crowdfunding, private placement or existing cap table with tokens for your blockchain company.
Legal framework for Security Token Offering

  • Entity Incorporation in US/Malta/UK/Puerto Rico/Cayman Islands
  • Opening a Bank Account in US/Europe/UK/Puerto Rico
  • Filing and reporting within the SEC: Reg D (Rule 506c); Reg CF; Reg S; Reg A+
  • Agreements with the Investors (Private Placement Memorandum, Sales and Purchase agreement)
  • All the required documents provision (Terms and Conditions, Policies)
  • KYC/AML processing for investors and verification of accredited investors with verification letter obtaining (100 investors or more)
Technical implementation of STO on the basis of customized solutions
  • Investor's dashboard branded and customised for the project
  • KYC/AML whitelisting
  • Token smart contract development with Security Token standard
    supported by OTC Platforms
  • Accept fiat and crypto currencies
Consulting, Networking & Investment Relations

  • Security Token сonsulting
  • Structuring of a deal according to the business model
  • Security Token Exchanges and OTC Platforms listings
  • Partnerships & Introduction to STO ecosystem players (Brokers/Dealers, Custodians, Exchanges)
Wall Street on Blockchain
Security tokens will attract an enormous share of Wall Street's money during 2019. This expected shift has urged many venture capitalists and entrepreneurs to invest in the establishment of security token exchanges during the past couple of years.
STOBox provides investment relations and marketing services for our clients
International marketing
Security Token marketing and promotions has its own characteristics. In contrast to the ICO, the promotional security tokens have legal restrictions and must follow the established set of rules, especially when it comes to advertising in the US market. The misleading information or false promises may lead into serious reputational risks to both advertiser company and company officials.
Investment relations & Fundraising
Access to US based broker dealers and fundraise with qualified investors and digital assets funds.
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STOBox Platform rests on Private Blockchain fork from Stellar. Powered by Distributed Lab expertise.
Enterprise ready
  • Industry-leading tokenization core & Audit logging
  • Role-based access control
  • Comprehensive administration panel
  • Well documented API and SDKs for third-party software integrations
  • Top-notch security
  • Deployment options
  • Scalable architecture
  • SLA & Support
  • Mobile ready
  • Regulatory compliant
Easy to setup and customizable
  • Powerful back-end
  • Customizable corporate identity (logo, brand colors, etc)
  • Customizable UI with front-end layout template
  • Connect your own modules, apps and bots via API
  • Translate your content into any language with localisation support
  • Easy integration with third-party software, like KYC/AML providers, CRM systems, accounting systems and business-logic modules
  • Extendable cryptocurrencies and fiat payment gateways integration
Unprecedented security
Assets, transactions, accounts and access rights are controlled by the cutting-edge cryptography and information security techniques.

  • Assets and accounts are kept under cryptography protection
  • Two-factor authentication: Google Authenticator (Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP), RFC6238)
  • SSL certified & encrypted
  • Email verification
  • Hot & cold wallets infrastructure and management
  • Multisignature support for operations
  • Accounts' access recovery by mnemonic phrase
  • No need to trust the admins - control over all tokens issuance is guaranteed with offline pre-issuance applications
  • Critical for business data backup
Intuitive REST API, SDKs, reference implementations of various modules, mobile wallets & web applications significantly reduce the amount of resources needed for customization, integration and further project improvements.

  • Comprehensive API
  • Golang SDK, JavaScript SDK, Mobile crypto wallet SDK
  • STOBox Platoform Core knowledge base
  • Reference technical specification for STOBox Platform core
  • Guides for front-end customization
  • Deployment guide
  • Mobile wallet reference technical specification
  • Thorough FAQ
international network of qualified service provides
We build partnerhsips with international clients, investment funds, legal experts, media & resellers...
How STOBox Platform works
Fill in the application
The first step is to fill out our application so we can better understand how you are looking to leverage a Security Token and review how much you know already.
The team will go over your application, set up a 30-minute call, and asses where you need help the most based on where you are in the process.
STO Report & Roadmap
Receive a report with recommendations, information, and an analysis of how to best leverage a Security Token. This includes market insights, feedback, and a guide to help you estimate costs and timing.
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