november 2018 | asia

Meeting new friends

STOBox Platform founders Gene Deyev & Ivan Bolonihin in Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen
Hong Kong
Ivan Bolonikhin and Gene Deyev, STOBox Platform founders, during Asian Roadshow visited Shenzhen, one of China's technological capital. It's a city with well-developed blockchain-ecosystem. There are a lot of blockchain projects and investment funds specializing in technology companies and startups, as well as a big number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

During their stay in Shenzhen, the founders of the STOBox Platform met with a number of local investment funds, which voiced the main market problem — due to the difficult market situation, they are very selective in a choice of projects they invest in. The main aspects they focus on: the technology, the team and the actual use of blockchain in real life.

Gene and Ivan also met with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges that are ready to provide listing services. Of course, not for all projects — only those, who meet all standards and requirements. The more loyal selection process led to listing of scam projects. It caused irreparable damage to their reputation. Today it's unacceptable — that's why exchanges are so demanding in project's verification. But since the company represents real projects, the STOBox Platform agreed with a number of local exchanges about the partnership and the possibility of listing interesting projects that are undergoing acceleration within the company. STOBox Platform has a professional team and those projects that pass through us will be transferred to partner exchanges under a simplified procedure. Because working with the STOBox Platform already implies that the project complies with most of the exchange's standards and requirements.

In addition, we see a strong wave of interest among investors in the ICO new type, such as STO (Security Token Offering). But there are very few applicants for this type of investment attraction. There are both technical and legal barriers that must be overcome in order for STO to become possible. «Therefore, our task today is to create a legal structure for the creation of STO. To do this, we are already working with lawyers from blockchain-positive countries like Malta, Estonia and Gibraltar. We also cooperate with the exchanges of Shengzhen to describe and understand the technological part of STO. How these security tokens will trade, which standards we need to use and other aspects», says Gene Deyev, managing partner of STOBox Platform.