STOBox Platform

Private Blockchain
Digital Securities Issuing
and OTC Platform.

Platform provides security tokenization services for technological startups and enterprise.

Security Token Offerings are revolutionizing security markets and mitigating most of the problems associated with conventional security trading. The blockchain technology promotes transparency as all trades and ownership records are stored on decentralized ledgers which cannot be tampered with. Security tokens make it possible to tokenize securities, so financial assets such as stocks, bonds, futures, equities, swaps, and forwards can all be managed via distributed ledgers.
Executive Boards Members
Gene Deyev
Serial entrepreneur. Investor. 25+ years in IT development and entrepreneurial experience. International background. Focus on technologies, stocks and crypto trading platforms, Web 3.0.

Ivan Bolonikhin
Serial entrepreneur. 16 years of entrepreneurial experience. Launched and developed 14 different online and offline projects. 4 years of experience in IT project management.

Viktor Syzonenko
Head of Legal
Expert in legal structuring & compliance in ICO/STO sector. Advisory on corporatization and legal structuring.

Alexey Shostak
Client Management
Project Management. Profound administrative skills. Experience in managing complex tasks.

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